Amazing kitchen metamorphoses


Kitchen revolutions are not only exciting culinary excursions and a sea of new flavors! It is also a synonym of unusual metamorphoses that can be subjected to kitchen spaces. Very often, however, the domestic budget is severely limited and there is no room for expensive investments. Fortunately, the contemporary interior design market offers solutions that allow for fast, inexpensive and creative revitalization of home interiors. In combination with a solid dose of creativity and a skilled hand, the results can be quite surprising! To prove this, we present several unusual kitchen metamorphoses, which are the work of our clients, who bought our products.Enjoy!

classic style country kitchen

A quick metamorphosis of the kitchen in the attic

Although the kitchen before metamorphosis was very aesthetically pleasing, our client decided on a small rearrangement of space. On the internet she found professional paints for painting fronts, thanks to which they gained a completely new, white look. In addition, a few details were exchanged, including rug, small kitchen accessories and kitchen pulls.There were also charming prints on the wall covered with panel paint. The following metamorphosis is a perfect example of the fact that sometimes a few innocent details can completely change the interior. Thanks to them, the kitchen has become much brighter and gained a new, more designer version.

kitchen in the attic

Renovation of the kitchen at a low cost

Unattractive tiles, uninteresting fittings and boring kitchen buildings? There are ways! The following metamorphosis clearly shows how much can be changed at a low cost. Furniture fronts have been repainted and received new handles. The kitchen worktop, the cabinets and a sink faucet also changed. In addition, the owners gave up the oppressive glazing and decided to repaint wall tiles. Interestingly, some of them have charming, hand-painted decors that add character to the whole. As emphasized by the family – in the influx of creative inspiration – new ones are constantly being created!

low cost kitchen renovation


Metamorphosis of the old kitchen – Scandinavian style

One of the most common methods for a kitchen metamorphosis is the repainting of furniture fronts. So it was this time! Old walnut-colored kitchen construction has gained a completely new quality thanks to professional white paint for wood and MDF. As the owner stresses, the kitchen was most irritated by a barge in the style of the 90’s, so she decided to remove it. The so-called furniture crown, in which halogen fittings were hidden. In the first phase of the renovation, the owners also decided to repaint glaze – both wall and floor – in order to avoid onerous forging. After basic metamorphosis, picturesque pastel accessories also entered the kitchen. The whole has gained a completely new and fresh look, referring to the Scandinavian space.

scandinavian kitchen renovation

With time, the owners were dreamed of even more spectacular metamorphosis. As there was a bar between the living room and the kitchen, it was decided to demolish it completely and thus connect both rooms. In the place of the former partition wall stood a large, family dining table, over which appeared beautiful wooden lamps. The floor also underwent a final replacement. Old, gray-painted tiles were replaced with floor panels that visually linked the space.

white modern kitchen

Kitchen metamorphosis – tile stickers

The last metamorphosis is once again a nod to the Scandinavian trend. This time, however, there are also some oriental motifs. A charming patchwork strip of tiles reflecting on a white background is nothing more than … stickers! Such a treatment is a fantastic alternative to burdensome glazing. In addition, the kitchen owners covered with a special paint a set of kitchen furniture and provided them with new handles. Lighting has also changed. Now, a very stylish, cast-iron lamp hangs over the kitchen counter that also serves the table’s function.

It might seem that a quick kitchen metamorphosis is a real art. After all, it is an interior with usually a small size and finishes, which are closed in a certain rigid frame, making it difficult to stylistic tuning. However, to chant away the kitchen space and breathe in the pleasant freshness, just turn on creative thinking! Contemporary producers of paints and finishes, provide us with solutions that can do real miracles.


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