How to choose a cabinet handle for kitchen furniture?

Kitchen cabinet handles are used even several dozen times a day – the handle must therefore be made of solid material. Its form is equally important. A well-chosen handle will emphasize the style of the arrangement. Incorrectly fitted to the furniture, too large in the wrong color or style, can spoil the effect of the entire designer’s work. So how to choose a cabinet handle for kitchen furniture we suggest on the example of the offer of Italian porcelain cabinet handles.


kitchen cabinet handles

Porcelain Handles that match white/grey / black furniture

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Kitchen cabinets in white or grey colour,  are constantly very popular for many seasons. They appear in the total look version, that is, the whole kitchen in white, as well as in combination with the black worktop. For such furniture you can choose white porcelain cabinet handles that emphasize the delicate charm of white kitchen or black, as a complement to black and white arrangements. In black and white we found beautiful handles made of black and white porcelain. These porcelain cabinet handles are combined with different types of finishes. A polished chrome finish, nickel antique brass, old silver or graphite are available. Check porcelain kitchen cabinet handles in our store.

Such porcelain cabinet handles will work not only on standard furniture fronts (kitchen and living room), but also as a discreet handle for a sliding wardrobe. Due to its shape, it is friendly to the youngest members of the family, which is why we also recommend it to children’s rooms.

Ceramic knobs? ideal for stylized furniture

The knobs are a classic type of handle, which is why they are perfect for stylized kitchen arrangements. They will look very well in combination with classic frame fronts. In the Italinan producer offer of the porcelain cabinet knobs we find those with more or less decorative form. There are several diameters to choose from: from 30 mm to 40 mm. All Italian ceramic knobs can be combined into sets with ceramic handles. The producer, as in the offer of porcelain cabinet handles, offers a wide range of porcelain finishes and colors.

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You can choose a black or white ceramic knob based on many finishes colors. People who arrange a kitchen stylized for ancient times (eg in the Provencal style), will surely willingly choose the base in purposely aged, brushed colors. If we do not like the pure white porcelain, we can order a light or dark cream. Such variations are also possible in the cabinet handles.


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