How to upgrade Kitchen Cabinets?


“I would change something” … who of us did not say this sentence once, looking around the interior of your home or apartment? Furniture handles or furniture knobs are small elements but have great potential. So, if you have a relatively small budget, and you want to refresh the arrangement, start making changes just with them.

white kitchen cabinets handles


The Internet is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for those who like arrangement metamorphoses. Often, however, our dreams lose with reality, because transferring a colorful picture to the interior in which we live every day is not an easy task. Finance is often a limitation.

But do changes really have to be expensive?

Not at all! All you need is a can of paint, new furniture pulls and knobs, an original furniture handle and a pinch of fantasy, for the old piece of furniture to change beyond recognition.

bathroom drawer handles

Room cabinet handles

A quick and cheap way to make a big metamorphosis can be rearranging furniture, which, however – especially in small areas – is not always possible. A proven method is also changing the interior color, not necessarily associated with painting the walls.

Just choose a new color for the pillows on the sofa, throw a patterned blanket over your favorite sofa, choose the matching curtains and rug, and the interior will immediately take on a new character. To emphasize the metamorphosis of furniture, simply replace the furniture handles or install new furniture knobs in a similar color.

modern cabinet handles
Bosetti Marella and Giusti furniture handles and knobs are offered in many finishes, shapes and colors. This stylistic diversity gives many possibilities. Lovers of underlining modern as well as classic and even rustic styles will find their inspiration here.

Kitchen furniture handles

It would seem that the place where the field to show off is the smallest is the kitchen, because we cannot interfere in the permanent building or arrangement of equipment. So what are our options? Of course, you can repaint the fronts, and a wide range of paints (e.g. chalk) allows you to do it yourself. In combination with new handles, kitchen furniture will have a new face after repainting. For those who do not have a DIY soul, there are less radical steps, such as adding an additional shelf, changing the colors of accessories, displaying cups in a single color , which will bring a fresh breeze to the kitchen.

classic kitchen handles
It is equally easy to replace kitchen furniture handles, which anyone can carry out alone, without having specialized equipment or advanced skills.
– Replacing kitchen furniture handles is a cheap and simple way to give your furniture a new look. You can easily play with contrast by adding, for example, simple black furniture handles, which are gaining popularity recently.
You can also do the opposite – to dark kitchen cabinets add gold  or chrome handles.

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