What are the Most Popular Knobs and Pulls for Kitchens


You chose the style of fronts, and your finish and / or colors are fixed. It’s not over yet! You still need to make very important decisions regarding the selection of handles and knobs for your furniture. These types of furniture accessories give the final touch to a kitchen remodeling project.

The Most Popular Kitchen Knobs and Pulls at our store


popular kitchen pulls and knobs

Although there are more kitchens with cupboards without handles, most homeowners still like to choose cupboard equipment because they kind of personalize the whole project. Knobs and handles not only significantly reduce cabinet wear, they also eliminate finger streaks and dirt that can accumulate when bare hands touch the wardrobe door surface every day. What’s more – these elements are also an important element of the style that you have chosen for your kitchen.

Do not leave the selection of handles at the last minute. If you care about a high-quality product with a unique look, be prepared to find and ship. Because we assume that you won’t be looking for cheap Chinese handles that have recently literally flooded the market …And I bet you do not wish to choose pulls that are already out of date. Maybe you have a question similar to that below:

What is the latest trend in kitchen cabinet hardware?

Copper and gold and still satin nickel and chrome are on the top of all finishes chosen by people looking for some new pulls and knobs to their kitchens. Gold and copper will add a rich warm tone to cabinet hardware. Gold  finished handles are a new and compelling trend which makes golden pulls are used in both modern and classic and retro style home interiors. The most popular and of course trendy gold finishes are brushed and polished finish.They look particularly remarkable against both light and dark cabinets and add a formal touch to any kitchen area. The real hit are also our ceramic handles which are really high quality and unique. In our customers opinion they the best for antique or rustic style kitchens.

What are the best handles for kitchen cabinets?

Our selection of handles for kitchen doors expands every day- we order new models to satisfy our demanding customers. Some of the models are real bestsellers and we can really recommend them.

Here is the exact list of our most popular knobs and pulls, counting from the most popular – freshly updated list for 2020!

The Top Kitchen Cabinet Handles Choices

Here is the list of our best sellers – from the most popular to the less popular ones. Enjoy and have some inspiration!

1. White Porcelain on Bright Nickel Finish Base classic Kitchen Pullwhite ceramic kitchen cupboard handle

If looking for a classical finishing touch for your kitchen furniture these white porcelain door pulls are perfect. They have a classic design from the best Italian designers.

They are part of our porcelain  range of handles from Bosetti Marella who have been designing porcelain door furniture and accessories since 1989. They use only the best quality ceramic to produce irresistible patterns and unique designs. They have created a world renowned reputation for excellence in quality and design called Marella Design.

Available with a classic white, cream or black porcelain and matching knobs in 40 mm size.

2. Gold Slim Bar Pulls

They are absolutely a hit! An idea of minimalism in kitchen interior design had a real impact on our customers. Most of them noticed poor quality of China production and decided to invest in high quality products. The cover of that handle is really important here. It is not paint but polished brass. It means that the finish is very durable and scratch resistant. That model is available in 3 sizes: 160 mm 224 mm and 230 mm.

gold bar pull modern bosetti marella

3. Dark Graphite Mat Drawer Pull by Marella Design™

mat black kitchen cupboard handles

Timeless and elegant handle from the Marella Design collection made in Italy. It is chosen mainly by lovers of timeless classics and balanced style. It fits both the kitchen, living room and bedroom furniture. The handle is made of metal alloys, is very easy to clean and it is mat. The set can be purchased in a different size, knob and shell type handle. This allows to differentiate individual parts of the furniture depending on their function and proportions while maintaining stylistic uniformity.

Colour range: old brass, mat white, graphite, polished chrome, brushed steel (always very elegant), old steel effect.

4. Polished Chrome Elegant Handle

polished chrome kitchen handle

Stylish Furniture Handle from the category of our handles in polished chrome. Made in Italy by Bosetti Marella. Stylish and elegant – it will fit perfectly into both modern and classic style.
It will emphasize the charm of the furniture or add character to simple and modest furniture.

The range of finishes: old brass, old steel, polished chrome, old silver, brushed steel effect, old copper, graphite , matte black, matte white .

Sizes: 96 mm,128 mm,160 mm,224 mm.


5. Scratched Iron Effect Industrial Handles

industrial handles

The iron effect finish of this handle recalls the idea of scratched iron. Such effect reminds industrial laboratories and lofts. It is ideal combined with natural materials such as steel or wood. Made in Italy by Giusti Company.

6. Shell Handles in Old Brass, Black and Copper Finish

kitchen cupboards shell handles

Shell handles have been in use for centuries and are still popular – mainly because there are still more and more retro lovers. Our customers love the design of these shells, their simplicity and ergonomic form. A wide range of our shell-shaped handles are both classic and modern, in a large selection of finishes, they are perfect for living room and bedroom furniture, kitchen and bathroom furniture, office furniture and many others.

italian cup pulls

Finishes available: patina brass, polished chrome, old gold, old steel effect, graphite, dark brown, old brass, mat white, mat black, old copper, polished brass (gold)
Spacing: 64 mm, 96 mm

7. Polished Chrome Cupboard Knobs

polished chrome cupboard knobs

Simple yet elegant knobs finished in polished chrome. Thanks to them our clients can refresh  their furniture in a simple, quick way. The knobs are suitable for many different styles of furniture. It can be used in the kitchen, bathroom or living room. Each model can be matched with a handle in the same colour.

8. Polished Brass Bar Pulls

gold bar pulls by Bosetti Marella Italy

Designer bar pulls from the Marella Moderno collection, made in Italy. Handle with a rounded shape. Its design refers to soft lines of gentle forms. It is very universal and ergonomic – it will fit various types of furniture with simple shapes: kitchen cabinets, drawers for office furniture , bedroom furniture, wardrobes and many others. The finish is polished brass, not paint, so the handle is very durable and extremely scratch resistant. It is not “cheap yellow” shade of gold- but very elegant and stylish. The quality of this model is undisputed and can be noticed at a glance.

Colours available: old brass, mat black, polished chrome, polished brass (elegant gold)
Spacings: 160 mm, 224 mm, 320 mm

9. Vintage Style Porcelain with Flower Decor Handle

ceramic vintage style kitchen handle

Beautifully designed and decorated, will fit ideally your retro or classic country kitchen ! Our clients say that that handle is just perfect to white kitchen cabinets. They often buy knobs from this serie to use them in smaller, upper cabinets. The model is available in few colors of finishes and porcelain. Like most of our handles- it is really unique and high quality, 100% made in Italy.

10. Antique Style Drawer Ring Pulls in Chrome & Old Gold Finish

drawer ring pulls

Quite big- over 65 mm of diameter, very stylish, Versace style. You can install them both on chairs or drawers.

chrome ring pull roberto marella

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