Which handles are best for white kitchen cabinets?


You often ask me: What handles for white kitchen?? How to choose handles for white kitchen furniture? White is a color that has been reigning not only on walls for years but also in furniture. Especially in the era of fashionable, bright arrangements maintained in Scandinavian style. But do white furniture have to be boring? Absolutely not! White is not just a color; it is a symbol of versatility and elegance. It’s easy to pair it with other colors, creating harmonious compositions that suit any type of interior. To break the monotony of white furniture, simply add an accent in an intense color – and voilà, the space will immediately come to life! It is worth remembering that white is not uniform. Depending on the texture and material on which it appears, it can look completely different, introducing various visual effects into the interior. The choice of cabinet hardware is a key element that gives furniture its characteristic style. That’s why it’s so important to match them not only aesthetically but also functionally. When choosing the perfect handles for white furniture, you should take into account the type of furniture, its construction, and the overall style of the your home interior. A properly chosen handle can emphasize both the traditional and modern character of the furniture, adding to its unique charm. If, for example, you opt for classic style, it’s worth choosing handles that emphasize the traditional look of white furniture, adding elegance and refinement to them. On the other hand, when it comes to modern furniture, we have more freedom – you can opt for something more original that will make our furniture stand out from others. Here, the design of the handle itself is particularly important, as well as its color scheme.

What handles for white kitchen furniture- Modern Style

Modern white furniture offers plenty of possibilities when it comes to choosing furniture handles. A proper selection of handles for a white modern-style kitchen allows for personalization and adds individual character to the room. Among the latest trends in the market, there is a noticeable comeback of golden accents, especially popular in kitchens with modern designs. Gold handles, available in various shapes, including bar handles, are an excellent choice, adding elegance and subtlety to the interior. Our customers often choose handles with a polished brass finish (very durable and extremely elegant – they don’t have the “yellowing” effect) as well as brushed gold handles. The same applies to another very popular finish, which is copper. Copper handles in brushed or polished finish are an interesting alternative to the gold color, giving furniture a modern and stylish look.

If your modern white kitchen is equipped with lacquered furniture, a great solution would be long, black furniture handles. Their elegant appearance perfectly complements the glossy surface of the kitchen. Opting for a classic, elongated shape for the handles here will ensure proportion and harmony of the entire composition.

What handles look best on white cabinets?- Scandinavian Style

what handles for scandinavian kitchen

Scandinavian-style interiors are popular due to their naturalness and subtlety. In such arrangements, wood and white dominate, with the addition of delicate grays and blacks. If you want to introduce elements of Scandinavian design into your kitchen, we recommend furniture bar handles from Bosetti Marella company. Their unconventional appearance, gives the furniture character and functionality that no one will pass by indifferently.

What Color Hardware Goes with White Kitchen Cabinets- Industrial Style

Meanwhile, in the industrial style, which is currently very popular, black, gray, and various shades of white dominate. Furniture handles in loft style, made of metal, powder-coated in black or anthracite color, perfectly match white furniture fronts. Their raw appearance refers to factory forms, giving the kitchen character and unique style. However, remember to keep moderation – a strong contrast between black handles and white furniture will gain in distinctiveness if you properly adjust their size to the dimensions of drawers and cabinet fronts.

Handles for classic white kitchen furniture

In a classic or a shaker white kitchen, it is crucial to match handles with a simple, elegant shape. Models in chrome, brass, satin black perfectly complement such a style. Particularly well-suited are handles with an unconventional shape, commonly referred to as “shells,” which emphasize the traditional craftsmanship of the kitchen. In addition, gold furniture handles are an excellent complement for classic kitchens with a light or dark marble countertop, accentuating the interior’s elegance with their unique color.

How to Choose Handles to Rustic Style White Kitchen?

Rustic / Farmhouse Style kitchen is often furnished with classic white furniture, exudes warmth, coziness, and naturalness. When choosing handles for such an interior, it is worth opting for elements that harmoniously blend with the rest of the decor and enhance its charm. Ceramic knobs in various shapes and handles in the style of weathered gold or silver fit perfectly with the rustic character. They can take the form of shells or knobs, but caution should be exercised to ensure they are not too large to overwhelm small fronts. Additionally, black furniture handles can add a modern touch to a rustic kitchen, creating an interesting contrast with light cabinets. Black bar handles give white fronts a modern look, adding individual character to them.

What Color Hardware is Best for White Cabinets? Glamour Style

The kitchen in the glamour style exudes elegance and fashion, characterized by the use of sophisticated and luxurious materials, as well as attention to detail. In such an interior, where white furniture dominates, handles that add class and style are perfect. Crystal knobs, polished bar handles, copper accents, or handles in gold or silver colors, preferably glossy, will work perfectly here.

Do black handles go well with white furniture?

Black furniture handles are highly popular in interior design. Available in various finishes – matte, semi-matte, and polished – they are a versatile choice that goes well with almost any type of fronts, including white ones. They come in various styles: from classic, through modern, retro, loft, to Scandinavian. When choosing black handles for white furniture, it is worth aiming for contrast. Dark accents on a light background look intriguing and catch the eye. We especially recommend black bar handles for white furniture, especially in kitchens, which is a classic solution in a modern interpretation. Long handles are available in various mounting hole spacings, allowing them to be adjusted to different furniture sizes. Additionally, a wide black bar handle can also serve as a practical hanger for kitchen towels, always at hand during kitchen work. When choosing black handles for light furniture, moderation should be exercised. Too large and bulky handles can overwhelm smaller fronts, while too small models may “get lost” on larger fronts. It is worth matching their size to the proportions of the furniture, maintaining balance in the interior design.

In summary, when choosing handles for white kitchen furniture, it is worth carefully considering their style and color, taking into account both the appearance of the fronts and the overall interior design of the house. It is important for the handles to harmonize with the rest of the kitchen elements, creating a cohesive whole. Whether opting for classic or more modern handles, it is crucial that they fulfill their function and add elegance and character to the entire space. Therefore, it is worth taking the time to make a careful selection so that the handles not only aesthetically complement the white fronts but also bring us joy every day.

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