Ceramic handles

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Ceramic drawer handles100 % made in Italy by Bosetti Marella and Giusti company. They are most often chosen by fans of antique or vintage or classic style handles. Porcelain combines with many types of finishes.

The most popular types of finish in porcelain items are:

ceramic cupboard handles

Ceramic cabinet handles  available on our shop site, which customers buy most often, are those from:

  • white porcelain cabinet handles,
  • cream porcelain,
  • black porcelain cabinet handles.

White ceramic on chrome base handles are the quintessence of elegance and style. Most of our  handles with ceramics are possible to combine with ceramic drawer knobs.

ceramic handles kitchen cupboards

In majority of cases,ceramic pulls are decorated with floral and abstract patterns. Customers often decide on drawer and door pulls and  embellished with ceramic elements. A wide selection of ornaments placed on porcelain pulls  for drawers make everyone easily find something for themselves.

porcelain kitchen door handle

What are the main features of  ceramic drawer handles?

  • Traditional shapes
  • Delicate colors (white, ivory, cream)
  • Excellent quality of ceramics
  • Unique decorations (mainly floral motives)
  • Very durable – quality of reputable Italian producers

country style kitchen ceramic handles

Ceramic handles are flexible and can be designed into a wide range of shapes and colors. If you would like to create an ideal kitchen you have to find that color that will adapt to your kitchen’s interior.
Ceramic handles are beautiful, solid and durable. They do not rust, dent, and their quality remains unaffected by external factors. Ceramic handles are pleasant to touch and fitted to the shape of your hands due to their smooth surface.

Different kinds of furniture are appropriate for ceramic handles including  ceramic cupboard handle,ceramic handles for cabinetry,  ceramic wardrobe handles, ceramic drawers, ceramic doors etc.

white ceramic kitchen handles

We have also white or cream products with floral motif. These are ideal for country and vintage kitchens!

The fashion for vintage drawer handles

Lovers of vintage style will also find here something for themselves. We offer a wide range of ceramic drawer pulls in old style. Their bases are usually in old gold, old copper or aged brass finish. The color of ceramic is usually white or ivory cream.

white ceramic drawer handles old steel base

Where to use and how to combine?

A lot of effort is required in order to reach your goal and create amazing interior. Maybe you have thought of various decorations, accessories, furniture or other innovative designs? We can find the origins of ceramics few centuries ago, when the first ceramic items were pots and vessels. Then people started to produce figurines which were popular among industrial and domestic sectors.
Nowadays, ceramic art is still popular and one kind of its finest products are ceramic handles that you can admire on cabinetry, wardrobes and other furniture. Ceramic  handles are unusual and they decorate your home making it exceptional. You can choose from a wide selection of colors of the handles and create a piece of art in your home. Apart from transforming your living space into something marvelous, ceramic cupboard handles make your life better.

gold ceramic handles and knobs

Ceramic pulls  for kitchen cabinets will be especially useful in wooden, traditional furniture. It is also a practical and decorative element of finishing the sideboards, stylish bathroom cabinets and dressing tables. Those kind of items are especially suitable for light and pastel colors of furniture.

The finishes of the bases of ceramic door handles

Our offer includes models on a solid base made of zinc and aluminum alloy, galvanized. The ceramic drawer handles most often chosen by our customers is the ones in white, cream or black color.

The most popular items on Cabinethandle.uk are:

  • white ceramic on a chrome or brass basewhite ceramic kitchen pulls
  • cream ceramic , old brass baseold fashioned ceramic kitchen handlesWhile choosing the handle, it is worth considering their arrangement. The cabinets can be equipped with two-point handles and  drawers in single-point  handles (form of drawer knobs).

The price of the items collected in our shop depends on the size and the model. Browse the categories and search the results to get some information about each model. They are usually 96 mm and 128 mm hole centers, mounted on two screws. Most items on our shop page are in “families” which means that you can match knobs to the pulls and vice versa. You can sort our products choosing sizes, colors and the price. Menu is easy to understand and makes shopping with us much easier.

Remember to check new sale offers while shopping- we reduce price for many porcelain pulls every day! The sale price is usually 30% lower than a starting price.

Happy shopping!