Chrome Kitchen Handles

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Furniture handles in chrome color are increasingly used as an element shaping the aesthetics of interiors. This applies equally to the bedroom, living room and kitchen. Chrome is one of the most popular finishes among all our high quality kitchen cupboard handles.

chrome kitchen handles for cabinets and drawers

Recently, sellers and manufacturers of furniture accessories have noticed the growing popularity of chrome finish. For example cup handles in polished chrome finish are our best sellers.

Chrome Kitchen Cabinet Handles Combinations

chrome kitchen cabinet handles modern style

It would seem that the handles finished in chrome can be combined only with the fronts of modern furniture in unadorned, industrial interiors. Meanwhile, the beauty of the contrast of cold metal and refined black or white porcelain, perfectly suits every stylization.

white ceramic kitchen cupboard handle size 128 mm

Simplicity of the form or refinement of decorations allow chrome  cupboard handles to appear in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. People love simple and minimalistic, long bar handles or beautiful chrome cup handles. Chrome pulls 160mm centres are one of the most popular sizes.

Here are some examples of best selling cup pulls in bright chrome color:

chrome cup handles

Chrome returns to favor in a great style, but in a completely new setting, combined in black or white. The form of the handles also changes – they are no longer heavy, overwhelming shapes, but light and delicate elements that perfectly complement the composition of each room.

cupboard handles polished chrome

Chrome pull handles and knobs, available in our offer, are extremely attractive, and at the same time resistant to damage and scratches during use. Thanks to the fact that the chrome is polished to the mirror effect, it reflects the colors of the surroundings in its surface, which is why regardless of the color of the front, on which we intend to use it, the handle will naturally adjust to it. The effect is delightful and so sophisticated that these models themselves set new standards in interior design.

Chrome accessories  can change into a warm and at the same time designer decorative element. The handle must be adjusted not only to the character of the furniture, but also the style of the whole room, then the discreet charm of chrome will shine in any interior.

How to maintain chrome and stainless steel furniture handles?

Unlike copper or brass, chrome and stainless steel do not oxidize, so they will not patinate. However, they are sensitive to mechanical damage, so please remember not to use hard and abrasive materials for cleaning them.

We recommend special pastes, creams and milks dedicated to metals. An important rule is that brushed products should not be treated with pastes to polish them, as they may start to shine.

The quality

The quality and the durability of chrome knobs and chrome pull handles sold on is guaranteed – the products are original and made only by the best European manufacturers – Bosetti Marella, Giusti, Estamp and Gamet. Every customer has a right to return the handles within 14 days without giving the reason of returning. We do not sell cheap chrome drawer or cabinet handles of China production.