Glamour Kitchen Handles

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Exclusive, designer & high quality Italian cabinet handles.
Glamour kitchen handles made of high quality metal with original Swarovski glass crystals. Ideal for glamour style interiors. They look like jewelry!

crystal glass decorative knobs

Roberto Marella manufacturer has specialized in the production of exclusive crystal glass handles. All designers who search something original and bright as a fulfillment of luxurious interior will be really satisfied.

crystal handles and knobs

What does glamour actually mean?

glamour handles for kitchen cabinets Italy

The term glamour comes from the English language and means splendor, charm and prestige. It is synonymous with luxury and wealth. In the decorating trends, this style is associated with elegance, splendor and elegance of palace interiors. Thinking about the glamour style in the living room, we are faced with magnificent crystal lamps, chandeliers, decorative vases, tableware, gold or silver mirrors and photo frames that shine in the light of a thousand colors.

glamour kitchen handles with crystals

Glamour style is, in other words, the fashion for such categories as luxury, chic and elegance. This trend is the opposite of minimalist modern designs, where functionality, small number of accessories and simplicity count. What counts in glamour style, on the other hand, is the splendor of the decorations and their fancy and atmospheric form. The glamour trend refers to the Baroque style and its refined decorations such as sofas, cupboards, chests of drawers surprisingly combined with a touch of modernity.

Glamour kitchen handles that intimidate

When decorating charm interiors, be careful not to overdo it with shiny accessories and materials. Too many sparkling glitter and heavy colors can be overwhelming. To avoid the impression of kitsch, you should choose accessories carefully and moderately. Select creamy white, neutral beige, light grays, pastel shades of blue or subdued green and popular bedroom roses. By using subdued, light colors we avoid the impression of tacky splendor and kitsch. Moreover, the interior design in light shades will be more subdued and will highlight the shiny accessories that should come to the fore. It may seem that the price of such a decoration is high. Nothing could be more wrong. It is enough to change furniture pulls and knobs on the fronts of old wardrobes, chests of drawers or shelves. You do not need to buy new furnishings. Such a metamorphosis will help to give the impression of luxury, without too much depletion of your wallet.

Glamour Drawer Handles – The features

The knob and handle are extremely practical decoration elements. They make it easier to open cabinets and drawers. When arranging home interiors, it is worth paying special attention to accessories such as handles for glamour furniture. They are associated with crystal Murano Glass, Swarovski crystals and gold or silver-plated metals. Due to the material, they become a part of sophisticated decoration. Kitchen drawer pulls and knobs offered by the Cabinethandle shop are made of high-quality, luxurious materials, such as gold-plated or silver-plated precious metals. You will also find accessories made of imitation of precious stones, such as crystal glass, and Swarovski crystals, which are known and appreciated all over the world. Gold plated products are also available here on Cabinet Handle UK. All of them impress with their unprecedented aesthetics and durability. Silver models are available in shades of polished chrome or shiny nickel. Products in the shape of crystals and diamonds in gold or silver are extremely popular nowadays. They all look very exclusive and are the main characteristic of the glamour trend in interior design. So do not wait, enter the shop, find the item you really like and email us or add it to your basket. Our prices include vat. Remember- if you have UK vat number, please let us know and we prepare o% vat invoice for you. Happy shopping.