Bar Handles

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 Kitchen bar handles are a combination of simplicity and elegance, which even simple furniture will give an original character. An additional advantage of the bar handles and t bar handles for kitchen cupboards is their high quality, which makes the them serve for years, even in kitchen furniture, which are most often used in our apartments.

italian bar handles for kitchen cupboards

Kitchen door bar handles for cabinets give the possibility of optimal adjustment to the interior style due to the available range of colors. Our products are available in the the most popular finishes: polished chrome, polished brass(gold) and mat black. We also offer very popular models of  t bar door handles and bow bar handles.

European Quality of handle for t bar row

Bosetti Marella, Giusti or Gamet products are made of ZnAl or real brass , which is why they are durable and scratch-resistant. They can be mounted not only horizontally, but also vertically. An interesting combination, especially in kitchen furniture, is combined assembly: in hanging cabinets we use short handles by mounting them vertically, while in drawers we mount them horizontally.

T bar kitchen handles for drawers and cabinets

These products can be used also for bathroom, room and office furniture. The universal design makes them suitable for many types of furniture, both traditional and modern. Large variation in the available mounting spaces allows their use in fronts of various sizes.

Popular bar handles for cabinets will work in virtually any kitchen. They harmonize with almost any type of furniture.

They look interesting when different lengths are put together, e.g. shorter in upper cabinets and longer in drawers.

The most popular sizes of our bar handles are 320 and 160 mm ( 320 mm is a distance between mounting holes). The longest bar handle (t bar handle) is 994 mm long!

T bar kitchen door handles – Delivery and orders

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