Brass kitchen handles

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Brass in kitchen handles was created as a complement of old-style retro furniture. A perfect example is the Classico collection of brass kitchen handles from Bosetti Marella Italy. Brass finish from the beginning was usually used to make an imression of vintage.

brass kitchen cupboard handles

What styles are perfect for using brass drawer handles?

Brass or antique brass finish is perfect when you need to restore your cabinets, wardrobe or dresser.

Brass kitchen handles and furniture knobs in a retro style are designed primarily for stylish furniture made of solid wood or veneered. Their rich ornamentation makes them look very impressive against the background of classic wooden fronts, both simple and milled, bent or aged. With the help of brass cabinet handles we can emphasize the beauty of such furniture.

Sizes, colors ant the price


The most popular sizes of brass drawer handles we offer are 128 mm and 96 mm. We also offer 160 mm and 64 mm brass drawer pulls and many kinds of brass knobs. Single and two-point models are available.

One-point brass handles are round, square, oval, or in the form of a very effective-looking rose. We also have brass knockers with hanging decorative elements.

Brass two point handles are characterized by simple design. They are flat or more convex with subdued decorations. The offer also includes carved patterns with delicate floral motifs.

Brass Cabinet handles in a vintage style are made in the color of patina brass and old brass.They are mat and very solid. The effect of aging the brass finish is spectacular and unique! Our clients love brass cup handles and buy them to underline the classic or vintage style of their kitchens.

brass cup handles

We also offer polished brass handles. Their structure is shiny and in a light and very elegant shade of gold color. It is really durable, because it is made from polished brass- not painted.

solid brass cup handle

All brass pull handles in our online store are very solid, original and high quality. As a result, they are elegant products that will make your furniture look completely different.

People very often choose that kind of finish for ceramic drawer handles. Ceramics and brass are ideal to emphasize a vintage style of furniture or home interior. The example of furniture pulls with porcelain and brass finish is below:

ceramic kitchen handles brass

The price for high quality polished brass or antique brass door pulls is the best on the market.

The price for brass cupboard pulls and knobs depends on material they are made off. Most of such handles and knobs are made of high quality ZNAL (zinc & aluminium alloy) and finished with brass, old brass or polished brass cover. Some of them are made of real brass (they are much heavier then and much solid). Those brass products are more expensive since the production and the material used are more expensive.

Handles made of real, solid brass can be covered with such finishes as chrome, mat black, old steel or gold.

We have many knobs in antique style on constant 30% sale . We still expand our cupboard hardware and add new items that perfectly represent Italian design and quality.