Kitchen Cabinet Handles

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Kitchen cabinet pulls- the trends and the function

bar kitchen door handles

Kitchen door handles are not just a decorative element, which must be remembered. They must first and foremost be functional and comfortable. One of the most convenient types are bar handle, available in different hole spacing. Various kitchen door handle models are available on the market – from massive to thin and delicate. The most durable kitchen bar handles are Italian ones made entirely of polished brass.

kitchen bar handles marella design polished brass

The range of kitchen door pulls manufacturers is changing seasonally, just like other interior fittings. New collections are inspired by prevailing trends, for example finished with crystals or high quality ceramic. It is natural, therefore, that in such a rich offer we mainly look for accessories that we like visually and fit the style of the interior. For example, in the classic and stylized inside of houses, drawer knobs or cup handles will really work.

Italian Style – the features


One of the world’s fashion capitals is located in Italy. Italy was the cradle of the Renaissance, and we now associate it with perfect design. Italians are famous for their elegance. So what is the Italian style in interior design?

black ceramic gold drawer cabinet handles

The Italian style in the interior has two variants:
• contemporary, very modern, with geometric forms and contemporary materials
• classic, ultra elegant and a little eclectic
The second edition of the Italian style matches antiques. And we will focus on the latter style in the article.
Arrangements in the Italian spirit do not have strict rules. However, we can find a few common features, characteristic of typical Italian interiors. This:
1. Classic characterThere is no room for exaggeration in the Italian style. The interiors are elegant, harmonious and economical in accessories. Delicate stucco and classic design furniture are welcome.
2. High-quality materials
Products from Italy are appreciated for their excellent quality: this applies to food, furniture and clothes. It is natural that there is no room for mediocrity in Italian interiors. Natural materials dominate here: wood, marble, glass, leather, stone, ceramics.
3. Tasteful additions
The Italian style delights with its tasteful decorations. It is luxurious, but far from baroque splendor. Here we find single, exclusive accessories, such as expensive antiques in a classic edition or crystal chandeliers.
4. Subdued colors
The Italian style is characterized by subdued colors: white, beige, gray. Sometimes the arrangements are broken with black. There are also golden accents.
5. Patterns
Due to its elegance in nature, the Italian style relies on smooth fabrics. On individual materials or tiles, we can afford delicate patterns, e.g. floral or geometric.

The materials and the colors…

On the internet, we find various types of old style handles for kitchen doors, including elements made of porcelain or brass. It should be remembered that similarly as the trends in interior design change, the fashion for kitchen door handles also changes. Increasingly, there are also differences in the kitchen door handles within one kitchen furniture, forexample, the upper and lower system. Above all, however, they are chosen for the style of the interior. In the production of door handles kitchen, the importance is given to colors. The most popular in our online shop are  gold kitchen handles and black kitchen handles .

long kitchen handles for drawers and cupboards

How to choose handles for kitchen doors?

It is important not only how we place the kitchen cabinets but also which kitchen handles we choose. When choosing kitchen furniture accessories, it should be remembered that the mechanisms in the kitchen are more exploited than those in the room furniture – handles for kitchen furniture are used several times more often and under greater load. It is therefore important to choose products that are of good quality. We can choose knobs, handles, 2-point classic handles, bar handles  and knockers. Touch mechanisms are increasingly being used, thanks to which we can resign from mounting handles. Cabinets and drawers open by pressing the top of the front. The disadvantage of this solution are fingerprints on the fronts, especially visible on shiny surfaces.

Well-matched details are an inseparable element of any modern interior. Decorative furniture accessories such as kitchen pull handles, knobs and bar handles fulfill an increasingly important function, manufacturers and designers appreciate their usability and the ability to highlight space.

Kitchen door handles are elements that combine utility and decorative functions, with the latter seemingly sometimes marginalized. They are like jewelry of the kitchen -similarly to a wardrobe it should be comfortable, enhance and coordinate the outfit.

Manufacturers of kitchen accessories are constantly enriching their offers. They do so  to expand the range of possible choices and facilitate the fitting of handles to any currently fashionable interior design style.

From the point of view of dimensions, the handle is a relatively small element of the furniture and seems to have little effect on its aesthetic reception. However, in practice it can change its appearance, sometimes even diametrically. Depending on the role we give it, it can complement the interior arrangement, inscribing in its style, or it can be an intriguing counterpoint that will become a decoration of the room in itself.

Choosing the right kitchen cupboard handles will help personalize the look of the room, and is now the most popular interior design trend.

How to make a selection? Some points that should be considered and answered:

1. Which is better for kitchen furniture – Knob or Pull?

Many people ask themselves : should kitchen cabinets have knobs or pulls?In fact, there are no strict rules indicating whether to use a knob or a handle. One lax rule is to use knobs for cabinet doors and pull handles for large pull-out doors or drawers. This is due to the fact that it is much more convenient to open a large and heavy drawer using your whole hand, not just your fingers.

2. The Shape – Square or Curved?

Perfect kitchen pulls are characterized by a shape that makes them easier to keep clean and they are consistent wit the lines of the kitchen cabinets and drawers. That is why the cooking zone is often dominated by minimalist bar handles or their variant – recessed handles that, when recessed into the front of the cabinet, do not interfere when working at the kitchen counter top.

Let’s rather give up decorations or intricate geometric shapes – though aesthetic, can cause a lot of trouble in the future. Contemporary style pulls can still be round in shape with square contours. What’s more, when designing kitchen equipment, it is worth focusing on larger models made of solid material. They provide the possibility of convenient catching and opening of the often weighing several dozen kilograms drawers.

Curved style handles have soft edges and more details- they are for traditional and classic styles lovers.

3. The Style.

The decorative aspect takes on a special meaning in more representative kitchens. It is here that you can take advantage of the wide range of models available on the market.

The selected handles may differ in terms of materials used (porcelain, metal, wooden, plastic), as well as the style.

  • Products with a harmonious, classic line or retro stylizations will perfectly fit traditional, country and old style interior. Remember, if you decide to use cup handle or ceramic pull, do not forget about matching knobs. Combining those two elements can really crate sophisticated and still traditional feel.

kitchen cupboard handles in country and old style

  • Ascetic minimalism straight from cool Scandinavia – Contemporary Style

Think of  slim, longer and rectangular bar handles or softly curved barrel handles with clean lines

contemporary kitchen cupboard handles

  • Full of elegance, shiny with crystal elements handles will fully satisfy lovers of glamour style.

glamour crystal knobs

  • Raw, hand-forged forms for lovers of postindustrial and loft climates.

black modern kitchen handles in industrial style

  • Mixed style – called Transitional – every time you feel that you need something “between”, not completely traditional or modern. You can choose modern design of the handle with a traditional touch of brass finish.

kitchen cupboard handles brass

4. The Finish.

Most people choose polished chrome or brushed nickel recently, but there are many other finishes that can add a special character to your kitchen.
You don’t always have to match your faucet. If there are other accessories and elements in your kitchen, adjust to them.

You’ll find a much larger selection of finishes among traditional handles: you can choose from bright chrome, old gold, aged brass to black.
If you decide to a modern style of your furniture, then the selection ends properly with finishes such as: brushed nickel, polished chrome or brushed steel. Fortunately, some of these colors combine well with, for example, brown, rust or black.

Finishes that match the chrome are e.g. white, black, dark brown, pewter or transparent glass.
Our furniture handles have a very wide range of finishes. The most popular of them are presented in the photo below:

italian kitchen handles- the finishes

To choose a handle we need a slightly broader context – the color of furniture and arrangement elements or the material from which the front is made.

  • With dark, heavy wood and stylized, sophisticated furniture, antique handles in shades of antique gold or warm brass will play great.
  • Bright fronts can be harmoniously combined with a delicate, silver finish or, in contrast, handles in a strong, dark shade.

It is worth checking out many combinations and choosing the one that will perfectly complement our dream interior.

5. The position

Cupboard handles  should be mounted with considering the principles of ergonomics. They are to be primarily a functional and practical addition. Choosing a handle is not only a matter of color or shape, but also how to attach it. In addition, they can be mounted in a variety of ways on furniture: perpendicular and parallel to the counter top and in different arrangements relative to each other.


Where should kitchen door handles be placed?

 The size of kitchen pulls is important (it must be adapted to the size of the cabinet), otherwise it must be selected so that the cupboard handles do not collide with each other, eg when opening two cabinets. Due to the way of fixing, we distinguish two main groups of cupboard handles:

  • front mounted handles
  • (including drawer knobs, kitchen handles mounted on two screws, bar handles, etc.
  • recessed handles

On small cabinets or drawers, knobs will work better – they are smaller and mounted on one screw. For larger furniture, different spacing door handles,

mounted on two screws, is a better choice.

6. Quality, Functionality and the Comfort

Choosing furniture handles for specific rooms, it is impossible to escape the criterion of functionality. The nature of the interior, frequency of use, susceptibility to dirt are factors that must be taken into account.

Although small, the handles must be durable, yet easy to clean and comfortable to use. The importance of these criteria is best seen when kitchen handles are the focus of choice. Not only that in this type of interior, cabinets and drawers, and with them handles, work constantly, they are also exposed to stains, dirt and stains that appear during the preparation of meals or cleaning operations.

To sum up, consider following points before you decide to select your kitchen cabinet handles:

  • answer the question: how many times you open and close your kitchen cabinets?
  • order the samples and touch the handle – check how easy it is to grip and how it feels in your hand
  • ask the seller what material the handle or knob is made of – the quality is the most important here– you do not buy handles to change them after 3-4 years, don’t you? I know people who bought Chinese production from Ebay and after 3 years of using them, they looked horrible – peeling and blistered and caught every crumb.

7. The Size of selected furniture handles

  • The most important thing is that the handle we choose fits the furniture fronts in which it will be mounted.
  • It must play with both the form, finishing material and the entire interior composition, usually kept in one specific style.
  • Its size should correspond to the size of the front and be adjusted in a proportional way – too small will not have the appropriate effect, too large – grotesquely overshadowed by the beauty of the front.

Most handles are available in 2-3 different sizes. The most common parameter given for the size of the furniture handle is the distance between the mounting holes. The most popular distances are 128 mm and 96 mm.
Choosing the size of the furniture handle try to choose a handle “between” that will not look too short on long drawers or too long on shorter drawers.


Are kitchen cupboard handles standard size?

Standard size for cupboard handles (center-to-center screw holes) is from 3 to 5 inches apart, or 64, 96, and 128 millimeters apart.

In modern home interiors it is very often that people choose long bar handles which are from 160 to 320 mm long. Those kind of cupboard handles are pretty attractive and very comfortable.

Third: the power of detail

Replacing furniture handles can completely change the look of furniture that has been used for years and give our interior a bit of freshness and a completely new character.

If someone dreams of refreshing the kitchen, all they have to do is replace the handles or knobs. As a result, the furniture will again attract attention, and the entire room will undergo a discreet metamorphosis. Our company currently offers 1,000 various products – door handles, knobs and furniture handles. Every year we include new models from the best Italian and Polish manufacturers. Just a little creative invention to change the climate of your apartment at a low cost(check our 30% sales).

Everyone consciously and thoughtfully chosen handle can create a piece of furniture with character. Retro, which is still very popular, will perfectly match the style of wooden, aged, slightly rustic fronts. It is enough to add delicate, porcelain handles with a subtle print to create an interior with a somewhat sentimental expression that will transport us to the atmosphere of past eras.

ceramic kitchen handles

The same wooden furniture, combined with massive brushed steel handles, in the color of antiqued gold, will create an atmosphere of a noble manor house. The element of modernity will be added to the interior when you combine precious wood with a minimalist handle with a designer shape and soft line.

Enamel fronts provide an equally large field for design performances. We will achieve a futuristic effect with a hint of glamour when the black fronts are combined with shiny handles made of crystals and precious stones, and the white fronts are refreshed by adding slightly contrasting handles in classic black and fashionable anthracite.

black furniture with crystal knob

How to install kitchen handles?

  • At the beginning, places should be set to drill holes for knobs or handles. For this purpose, you can use a laser level and use the drilling template for door handles. Thanks to this, we can easily position the handles perfectly straight – both horizontally and vertically. To be sure, before marking the places, let’s check which side the door opens.
  • Place holes in the places marked with pencil. The diameter of the drill should be selected according to the size of the thread. Similarly with the type of drill – for wood, plastics and metal different drills are used.
  •  Place a piece of board under the work piece, because our holes will be through (the hole will not be torn apart at the time). Remember that when drilling, draw back the drill often so that dust and chips can get out of the hole.
  • Put the screws in drilled and cleaned holes, tighten them with a screwdriver.

Where to buy kitchen door handles?

Nowadays, you can shop for anything and everything online. It takes just few seconds to view, decide and buy the products you liked. All you need to know is the kind of cupboard handles.

Please check our offer and add product to the basket. You can always ship every product back to us if you will not like it. We still expand the range of our offer and our team trying to add best new kitchen door handles in best price. Please do not hesitate to ask about items and finish you need. Our kitchen doors handles are usually available in most popular finish (gold, chrome, mat black or aged brass). But if your cabinet needs some other handle finish, please contact and we will do all our best to find product for you