Industrial handles

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Industrial  style was created in the 1950s. The homeland of industrial interiors was the United States. The need to arrange the interiors of abandoned factories and warehouses resulted in increased interest of local artists. Once industrialism was a compulsion, today it became a symbol of luxury. Please, check industrial handles that we offer – only high quality and unique style of Italian products! You will find here iron handles, black scratched iron handles and also rusted iron handles.

loft industrial handles

The industrial mood meets design elements in modern handles. They are characterized by vintage style. The combination of natural materials such as wood, steel and glass, gives the feeling of lived environments and industrial inspiration.

Industrial style – characteristic features

industrial style handles for loft interiors

  • high ceilings
  •  small number of decorations
  • installation components on top (pipes, electrical wires, etc.)
  •  metal, glass, solid, concrete and old wood elements

A flat like an old factory interior. In our country it became fashionable in the 90s. Very large windows and ceiling height mean that the rooms are visually even larger than others of the same size. The dominant colors are white, gray and beige.

Industrial style and its connection with USA history

industrial handles in loft interiors

Industrial style is a product of the recession that was rampant in the US in the 1950s. It was born of the need to develop abandoned industrial factories. Once – a compulsion, today – a synonym of exclusivity, minimalism, freedom. In the USA, a huge number of abandoned post-industrial facilities were very attractive to artists. They valued space in them. The precursors did not cover the large factory windows with curtains and curtains, ensuring a constant supply of light. Lamps are of great importance in interiors. Buy ones that are made of metal or aluminum, which look solid and durable – taken directly from the factory. The apartment needs colors that visually enlarge the space, and also give the impression of coolness and neutrality – therefore, the best will be shades of pure white, as well as gray. To lightly break them it is worth using additions in shades of turquoise (patina and platinum), or dark red (brick and rust). Industrial style likes simple forms. Therefore, when choosing additions, we limit ourselves to the absolute minimum. The exception concerns things with an intriguing story – e.g. an old machine or a clock. It is also worth displaying brackets, beams and columns, or use another patent to enlarge the interior – mirrors. In the industrial style interior, like old factories, our eyes should be attracted by raw walls, ventilation elements and pipes. It is worth using brick, concrete, steel, glass. Old wooden elements and iron are also fashionable. Furniture that has a long history behind it or that looks worn is well suited for industrial-style interiors. They are to emphasize the individuality of the interior. Completing them, it is worth going to the flea market, local sales or a shop with supplies for workshops. Also, make sure that their size is as large as possible – small-size furniture placed in an industrial apartment with a large space gives the impression of a miniature.

Industrial handles are very original furniture handles. Manufacturers are outdoing each other in creating more and more new forms and designs. Our store offers products that will meet your expectations. We offer both knobs and handles. You can use them for furniture, doors. Original furniture handles can completely change your interior.