Copper kitchen handles

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Copper– an old material with warm and bright color. Combined with linear and geometric shapes of handles, can create really spectacular effects on your furniture. Some define that kind of finish in furniture accessories as rose gold.

rose gold (copper) handles for kitchen cupboards

Not as ostentatious as gold, nobler and warmer than steel and aluminum … Very elegant, both in the antique version and in the polish one. It suits different styles and can be matched with various materials. Copper entered the interior world with impetus a few seasons ago. It takes hold constantly there and freely combines with even extremely different styles of arrangement. The visages copper takes never stop to surprise, and the designers have certainly not yet said the last word on the subject.

Cabinet handles in copper color as complement of an interior arrangement

copper kitchen handles and knobs Italy

Copper in interiors is currently not only accessories: dishes, cutlery in the kitchen, vases, designer lamps, but also eye-catching woven table legs or rose gold cupboard handles. More and more, we also see copper in non-obvious views, not as material, but the color of knick-knacks and textiles – photo frames, pillows, rugs. Often it is these additions that determine the nature of the entire arrangement, becoming its dominant composition and adding its dynamics.

Copper can be usually found in vintage style interiors. Such type of style is sometimes defined as the art of connecting opposites. Copper handles for room, kitchen or bathroom furniture in a semi-matte version with patina will perfectly reflect the atmosphere of the 60s and 70s.

Copper handles for modern styles

Copper handles also have great potential in shaping the aesthetics of the interior. Contrary to appearances, they are not assigned only to retro or colonial style, although they have become their necessary component. In its modernized cover and intriguing shape proposed by Gamet or Bosetti Marella, they will also work in modern arrangements, especially in polished copper finish, which will bring a breath of freshness to your interior.

polished copper handles

The flagship example can be a raw modern style, economical in expression and devoid of unnecessary ornamentation. Its elegance will be perfectly emphasized by accessories, such as the mh09029128 handle from the Marella collection and the gh762c1160 handle from the Giusti collection. They will also be a strong, luminous accent in minimalist interiors, especially in contrasting combinations with expressive colors.

Copper and the industrial style of interiors

copper handles and knobs in rustic style

In turn, the industrial style, although it can not do without copper, it can not be too saturated. Therefore, the arrangements of modern lofts have permanently become additions such as a woven lamp, basket for newspapers or candle holder. A way to conjure up the industrial climate is also complementing the raw furniture with semi-matte copper with patina finish handles. Furniture bar handles with large spacings, e.g. 320 mm will look great in such arrangements.

Copper in interior design is rarely a leading material, because saturation with this color can be fatal and introduce excessive glamour instead of elegance. It is definitely better to focus on copper accents in the form of handles for room, kitchen and bathroom furniture. An additional bonus may be the fact that the copper galvanic coatings used by Gamet, Giusti Or Bosetti Marella are very durable coatings that retain their visual qualities even after many years of intensive use..