Modern Kitchen Handles

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Check our contemporary kitchen handles and pulls which will transform your furniture into a piece of art. There are many colors of finishes and sizes from 320 mm to 96 mm. Our clients love long contemporary door handles. The most popular are slim and minimalistic in form and gold or chrome in color. Such colors, without doubt, will brighten your kitchen furniture. Gold contemporary cabinet handles will not fade, because they are made of solid polished brass, not painted.

Our modern kitchen door handles  are 100% original and come from Italian, Spain and Polish manufacturers. Not from China.

modern kitchen handles contemporary pulls and knobs

Characteristics of modern kitchen handles

In each collection of contemporary kitchen door handles you will find a characteristic asymmetry and texture. But not the form is the most important here. Colors of contemporary handles for kitchen doors are the clue. Our items are offered in a full range of the most popular colors and finishes. Glossy white , gold, polished chrome,satin nickel,  rust iron, mat black, stainless steel- such a fashionable finish of the handles turns them into a furniture decoration.

Door handles of this style will look great in light, spacious, interiors where white light space is broken by contrasting elements and additions – in black, beige, dark grey shades of blue or bright yellow.

This space refers to classical historical interiors – the main inspirations are palace interiors, chateau interiors and interiors of big city living spaces. Giving the comfort of living characteristic for nineteenth-century figures.

The whole Current Classic style, although referring to historical styles, is intended to create the most comfortable space of our contemporary everyday life. This style, although it refers to the classics, is defined by contemporary materials and technologies from which our houses and apartments are built.

An extremely important element in the Modern Classic style is the simplification of overly sophisticated details and decors – adjusting the whole to the contemporary requirements of our functioning and taste.(simpler furniture, lighter materials, contemporary fabrics, lighter colours).

The space

Kitchen – classic floor spaces made of various stones in a white and black mosaic. A place where we spend a lot of time, even without being fans of cooking. The kitchen in its present version is above all modernity.  A lot of stone, stainless steel, chrome, simple fronts easy to keep clean. Stone countertops which are in contrast to kitchen cabinets or the whole woodwork, but alluding to the floor. When it comes to kitchen appliances, it is worth considering – depending on the brand and the concept of the whole kitchen – hiding or exposing them.

Living room – a place to rest and relax. Equipped with sofas, with simple, geometric shapes, but dressed in unusual, classic materials and fabrics – e.g. velour, thick weave. Many cushions, precise finishes such as quilting, stitching. Sofas that allow not only for a comfortable rest, but above all for a comfortable way of spending time with your loved ones and family.

The dining room – the heart of each of them is the table. Simple shape, based on the construction of e.g. metal legs combined with a stone – marble top or a top made of noble tree species, with visible rings, slightly rough.

Another solution is varnished, glossy, extremely elegant surfaces (door cabinet). The table should be unfolded – this is something that unfortunately we most often remember only during Christmas parties, when our large family does not fit at a table for 4 people.

Chairs should complement the table – elegant but comfortable. They can be softly upholstered with fabrics and finished with chrome rivets, simple shapes or slightly extravagant, although torn off from too many ornaments, upholstered with recent materials, which will not only look impressive but will also be practical in maintenance.

The sideboard – practical and elegant, modernised in materials and forms, will allow us to complete the dining room, but it will also serve its practical purpose – it will be used to store porcelain, as well as to display what is more beautiful in our collections.

The bedroom is a place to relax nowadays. The bedroom should be as neutral a room as possible to allow us to focus on sleep. The less furniture in the bedroom, the more tidy and clean the interior is. The most important element is obviously the bed. In present interior, the bed is above all the comfort of sleep – covered with velour/cotton/laxen fabrics, a tall continental-style mattress that will save our spine when we get up in the morning, and a functional container for bedding.

The bathroom – a modern bathing room – just like the whole interior and the contemporary classic bathroom should be spacious and bright. It is worth to be original and to decorate the bathroom with white tiles referring to the tiles found in the Paris subway. It was the Art Deco era that spread this kind of use of porcelain. In addition, chrome fittings, also finished with porcelain and glass or even crystals.  Please have a look at our chrome ceramic handles in best price and quality on the market!

The Minimalism

Planning a minimalistic space requires extraordinary attention to details. One of them are door handles kitchen. Achieving the perfect balance between the minimalism of the form of the furniture and the shape of the kitchen door handle can be quite challenging. However, following a few rules and considering a huge selection of models of kitchen door handles, we will certainly find a type that blends in perfectly with our furniture.

Door handles should, on the one hand, defend their functionality, and on the other, emphasize the ascetic charm of the furniture. Lovers of industrial style may be tempted to finish furniture in several ways. One assumes a discreet finish of the furniture with geometrically shaped straight handles, created mainly from high-quality zinc and aluminum alloys. Long bar handles and recessed drawer handles, which emphasize the smooth surfaces of the raw fronts, will add to their style tasteful chic and elegance. They fit virtually to all cabinet colors. On the other hand, lovers of glamour style can choose from innumerable fancy cabinet door handles with a decorative design, which break the asceticism of modern style and constitute a real piece of jewelry. We’re talking about mosaic handles or those whose elements are made of real crystals. Their irregular shape or fanciful gouges greatly disperse the light, adding a three-dimensional impression to the front of the cabinet. Kitchen door handles containing shiny parts look the best combined with furniture with basic colors: black and white. However, the handles imitating the skin perfectly highlight the seriousness of office atmosphere.

Contemporary means less…

The key to choose the right kitchen door handles is to hold on to a simple rule: “less is more”. Contemporary door handles perfectly fit this principle. The intention of designers creating industrial interiors is to make space as free as possible from any stimulus that may distract the people who live there. Starting from the minimization of forms of furniture and on modern handles ending.

To sum up, the style described above is a compromise between beauty and practicality, classic and modern, it is a style that is currently experiencing its second youth in various forms, e.g. recently so fashionable saying that an interior in New York style is nothing but a modern classic.

First of all, classic forms dressed in noble materials: solid polished wood, polished nickel, light gold, bevelled glass, crystals, marble, high-quality fabrics and wallpaper.

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