Vintage drawer handles

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There are many types of vintage drawer pulls. On the one hand, they can be divided into a style of finish, where you can distinguish brass, mat black,rust iron or glossy chrome. We can also consider how the handles where made and the materials from which they were created. On what the handle was created depends on what style we can match it with.

vintage kitchen door handles bosetti marella Italy


On the market you can find virtually many types of kitchen handles that will match your space. The range of designs, shapes, colors is very wide. Drawer handles are usually quite easy to replace, so you can easily replace them ourselves. When you would like to change something in the apartment, but you afraid of a big, problematic renovation, you can try to change small details that affect the appearance of the interior much more than you think. Let’s divide the handles into the more traditional and modern ones.

 Drawer handles in antique style

vintage drawer handles bosetti marella and giusti

Traditional handles in a vintage style are dominated by those of traditional materials: metal, wood, porcelain, leather (leather straps used as handles), brass. They have the form of shells, horizontal and vertical handles and knobs or loops. They are often decorated with floral motifs and ornaments. There are many methods that give the effect of aging. vintage drawer handles. Thanks to this, you have the option of buying old copper, brass or rust iron old style drawer handles.

drawer handles in old style

Vintage drawer handles for kitchen cupboards never go out of fashion. If minimalism is too harsh for you, and other styles do not go to your taste, it’s worth coming back to the classic, old style and arranging the interior of the kitchen or living room in a vintage style.

vintage drawer handles

Handles for drawers in old style- basic information.

For those who love the rustic style of furniture accessories, we offer, among others, stylish and solidly made furniture handles. These are items used for mounting on cabinet fronts. They are functional and in themselves constitute a great decoration of furniture, especially wooden and those made in the old style.

vintage drawer handles and knobs bosetti marella Therefore, if you are a craftsman selling antique furniture, we would be happy to make a cooperation with you.  We have a range of products specially aged to suit interiors decorated in retro, old, vintage, shabby chic style. Rustic decorations and furniture accessories are details that can work wonders and beautifully emphasize the rustic atmosphere in the room.

vintage drawer handle old gold 96 mm

Old style furniture handles – what are they used for?

Antique drawer handles-type of drawer handles which can be attached to the door of chests, cabinets, drawers and even doors (they are massive and solid). We offer products with cast iron, old iron, old steel or old silver finish. They are also very easy to install, useful and very durable. It is 100% hand-made, and the handles are made with several harmed techniques (iron, steel castings and hand forging). A wide selection of beautiful designs will allow you to easily complete the necessary furniture accessories.

vintage ceramic drawer pulls black and white

What antique style drawer pulls you can search on our site?

Our range of antique and classic kitchen handles and knobs are a variety of accessories with a rich design and a wide selection when it comes to size and shape. The catalog of vintage drawer handles is really rich – they are furniture handles in retro, shabby chic style, as well as in idyllic, rural or rustic style. We offer, among others, beautiful ceramic handles, knockers, aged brass cup pulls and old steel handles.

The offer includes both simple and richly decorated vintage drawer handles and those heavily antiqued (with a rust effect).

We do understand, that not everyone likes a harsh interior with furniture and accessories limited to a minimum. If you belong to this group, you can boldly arrange a kitchen or salon in a classic, vintage style. Happy shopping!

Vintage style- characteristics

It is worth remembering that a classic or old style of living room or kitchen is not only antiques and sofas with leather or velvet. It is primarily subdued colors, carefully selected lighting and a division into two main zones: a dining room and a relaxation and relaxation zone. The living room in a classic style is a room in bright colors, close to nature colors. Most often it is white, shades of beige, brown and gray. In interiors stylized in the French style, we can often see the color of sea or maroon. On the wall there is often a wallpaper with a classic regular pattern, and on the wall in the main point of the living room you will find a fireplace, on which there are candlesticks, lanterns and decorative frames with photos.

When deciding to arrange an old style of our interior, it is good to choose elegant and simple furniture, preferably wooden. The living room is perfectly suited to a glass window stylized on an antique piece of furniture.

Our customers love drawer pulls with ceramic filling and aged brass finish. They often search for old style knobs for drawers and save on our constant 30% sales. We will be happy to help you in choosing drawer handle matching your kitchen and in a best price on the market. Drawer knobs and vintage drawer handles offered on our site are original and high quality – straight from best Italian producers.

Where to buy vintage drawer handles

There are many ways of buying retro pulls. Most people search them on popular DIY stores. But the problem is that most of the vintage/retro accesorrries sold there are Chinese production. Beautifully made and good quality models of vintage cupboard handles are more difficult to find. They are dedicated to different kinds of appropriable and decorative furniture of different form, texture and color. Our site is one of the few in the UK to distribute the world’s Italian and Spanish bestsellers in the world of furniture accessories. Add to your shopping cart a product from drawer handles vintage category and enjoy yourself a product designed by well-known and respected designers with attention to detail and beautifully made by reliable manufacturers. We guarantee you best price for knobs and drawer pulls here on

Assumptions of retro style

The latest decorating trends show a tendency to come back and draw on the ideas of the last century. The retro style, sometimes called vintage style, is extremely popular among designers and people changing the décor of their home. The retro style refers to the climate of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. The arrangement of an apartment or house in this climate can in the final effect create a delightful and surprising combination of modern with old. Fans of retro or vintage lovers prefer the practical solutions in the form of furniture walls, showcases or chests of drawers used in English apartments in the past decades. Such categories of furniture are definitely an alternative to subdued minimalist interiors.

Furnishings make a huge impact on the appearance of any interior. The retro style is complemented by decorative accessories such as an old radio, a mirror in a gold frame, a lamp with a lampshade or a standing clock. One of such original decorations are for sure vintage handles for drawers or new kitchen cabinets. They turn out to be helpful especially when you don’t want to pawn your apartment with unnecessary decorations that only collect dust. You can then decide on a more practical one. Cupboard handles vintage in combination with old or stylized fittings will give your home an old-fashioned atmosphere. In addition, drawer pulls selected with sensitivity and moderation to cabinets, chests of drawers or chests of drawers referring to a bygone era will make your units original and individualized. Accessories in the retro style obtainable on our site are not only a design characteristic of this trend, but also a guarantee of the highest quality of companies such as Roberto Marella or Giusti and the Spanish manufacturer Estamp. Search our site for specially selected retro models and add one of them to your shopping cart. The price of each product corresponds to its quality, durability and aesthetics. Choosing quality you will avoid replacing a broken or faded handle after one season of use.

Popular colors of retro and vintage handles

Retro furniture comes in vivid and distinctive colors such as bottle green, mustard yellow, maroon or brick orange. There are also pastel shades to match smaller interiors. They appear on plastic chairs or leather and upholstered sofas. Whereas subdued shades of faded black and brown stylized on old wardrobes and furniture are compatible with spacious modern rooms. Freestanding and original wooden furniture such as chests of drawers, tables, sideboards and display cases are also extremely popular. They are usually made of veneered wood in various shades or of furniture board covered with veneer imitating old wood. They look massive and fit into spacious interiors. People who decide to arrange their home according to the retro trend will find that such furniture with its shape and colour will attract the eye immediately after entering the room. In a smaller living room, kitchen or bedroom of a small apartment it is better to use light colors.

Choose colors that suit your personality, taste and expectations. Remember, however, that when decorating an apartment or house according to the principles of the retro trend, you should be modest and reasonable. This will help you to avoid chaos and exaggeration in the use of multi-colored furniture and accessories that can overwhelm you and the space around you.

Thanks to original furniture accessories, referring to a bygone era, your house or apartment will turn into an extraordinary interior. Vintage drawer pulls for retro furniture are usually available in black, white, copper or gold.

They often seem to be worn and old. Some also have abstract patterns and fancy forms. Thanks to connections with geometric or plant patterns, they take on features characteristic for the past era. They are most often found in the version of the knob , which is ideal for neat chests of drawers or smaller cabinets.

The retro style in different rooms

Does the retro style only fit in the cosy grandma’s living room or kitchen? Definitely not. One of the assumptions of this trend is unusual, surprising and above all original decor. It will liven up the interior of every house and give it an individual character. People who decide to use vintage drawer handles in this style will find out that it is successfully used in such rooms like kitchen, bathroom, dining room, bedroom and even children’s room.

old fashioned vintage kitchen handles

All kinds of porcelain handles available on our website are also an example of the “old times”. Porcelain handles are best suited for the kitchen. Ceramic handles from Giusti in old gold, chrome or black matt will look perfect in a kitchen arranged in retro style. Those who appreciate colorful decorations should opt for ceramic handles with floral ornaments. Such antique vintage drawer handles will highlight the wooden fronts of cabinets and drawers. It is also available in the original and handy knob version.

Vintage handles for kitchen cabinets made of Italian porcelain can also be mounted to the wooden door of a bathroom cabinet. The bathroom is a special place where you can change the character of the entire interior with one piece of antique style pull.

In bedroom, more imaginative and decorative patterns will prove to be useful by making the interior more cosy. The rose handle in black nickel from Roberto Marella or Regina handle from Giusti will make us return in our dreams to the times of our childhood of the previous era. Giusti knobs from the Vintage series with base colors of old gold, antique copper and Venetian silver, as the name suggests, refer in their appearance to the trends of the previous era. The delicate floral patterns and handy shape make them suitable for use on dressers and cabinets in the children’s room. Whereas the Prato porcelain knob and handles of the same manufacturer will perfectly fit into beautiful wooden fronts and emphasize the character of the dining room.

Drawer handles in contemporary style

modern drawer handles

These handles are finished in aluminum, metal, chrome, glass, focus on simple forms, embellishments are made of materials and its texture (gloss or matte) rather than a fancy pattern with many details.

32 mm system in drawer pull handles. What does it mean?

When looking for drawer pulls , it’s good to know the spacing of mounting elements. The furniture industry is guided by the so-called 32 mm system. This means that the spacing of bolts and screws for attaching the handles will always be a multiple of 32 mm (64, 96, although it may happen and 16 mm. This rule also applies to vertically mounted handles). Thanks to such normalization, companies optimize production processes and we can be sure that the purchased elements of different companies will match.

The distance between holes drilling and the sides of the bodies is 37 mm, which in turn is important when installing e.g. hinges. This system was probably created after World War II and was aimed at improving the reconstruction of a huge number of buildings damaged during military operations. It was the most optimal distance for the machines at that time.

drawer pulls

Where should drawer handles be placed?

Mounting methods:
When installing drawer pulls, we must pay attention to the way they were foreseen by the manufacturer. We can distinguish here two main groups of handles:

  • Mounted on the front ( knobs, railings)
  • Batten mounted

If we choose small cabinets, it is better to choose knob handles. They will work better on smaller surfaces. Drawer handles with two screws are often used for large furniture, kitchen cabinets or chests of drawers. Bar handles are especially suitable for modernist style interiors.

How to install drawer handles?

To  mount the handles properly, we must first of all keep one line.  While measuring the screw holes, precision is really important. Try to  pay attention to which side the door opens. Drilling the hole should be done by using a drill with a diameter selected for the size of the threads. As these will be through the holes, it is worth protecting the edges by placing wooden elements under the doors. You should often retract the drill to remove chips.

The assembly, the selection and preparation of drawer pulls are extremely important so that the entire effect is not damaged by unevenly spaced elements. Remember to choose the right handles and make precise and careful holes. Then the handles will delight us with their beauty and functionality.