Gold Kitchen Handles

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Kitchen handles in gold

Gold is … new silver, and it is hard to hide that it is currently undergoing a rebirth. Gold kitchen handles are our bestsellers -our customers choose them both to modern home interiors and to those classic and old school ones.

The gold in the interiors is beautiful, but also … dangerous. Too much of it can overwhelm. That’s why modern interior designs enchant us with the use of gold, but in a minimal amount on the given surface of the room 🙂 What, therefore, it appears in accessories for interiors, lamps, vases or textiles. One of the favorite and beautiful-looking such accessories are golden handles in kitchen buildings.

gold kitchen handles marella

Highlight your kitchen

designer gold kitchen handles

Carefully finished handles for kitchen doors results in highlighting your furniture and giving it an exclusive style. Currently, the most popular are light gold handles. Dear customer, remember to pay attention to whether it’s polished brass or paint. It’s very important. The paint after a short period of time of using can lose gloss and become open to scratches.

gold kitchen cupboard handles

Gold finish made in Italy

gold kitchen handles

Looking for this high quality gold finish it is worth considering the suggestions of Italian designers such companies as Marella and Giusti. The chosen color will never get bored and will always please the eye of people staying in any interior of your home.

In our online shop you can find a lot of gold hardware such as solid polished brass cup handles, bar handles or knobs. We also offer rose gold handles and gold ceramic drawer handles:

ceramic drawer handles

Gold accesorries-  details that matters

gold kitchen bar handle

Golden color was back in favor again in interior designs. It looks particularly good in kitchen. The easiest way to add golden accessories is using  door pulls and knobs. This is only an apparently small accent. It can change the appearance of the interior and the entire space around it. There is nothing to fear – the gold kitchen handles are not “exaggerated” at all.

Gold kitchen door handles – like a trifle, but so significant. They can change the look of the cabinet, give it an elegant style and make it lose a bit of “kitchen” expression, for a more salon. Adding finishes in a goldish shade is again welcome in the interiors, because gold is experiencing a real renaissance. Until recently, it was synonymous with kitsch. Used too ostentatiously and in excess, it began to be equated with a new-rich lifestyle. Fortunately, it’s all behind us. In the end, we’ve learned to reach for this color accents with caution and sensitivity. That is why it regained its former splendor.

gold kitchen cupboard handles and accessories

Although gold has been considered as metal or a color reserved exclusively for living rooms and representative rooms, it also makes a staggering career in the kitchens. This is the result of a change in the perception of that interior over the last several years. It became a room eagerly exposed, we began to open it to the living rooms, invite guests to it. It also gained discretion. Most household appliances remain hidden in it, which is why it can sometimes be used as a living room.

All these changes paved the way for a more elegant and stylish design. We started to introduce elements to it recently reserved for salons, such as stylish lamps or chandeliers and finally finishing. With the simplification of kitchen cabinet fronts, furniture knobs and handles began to come to the fore.

Selection of golden  pulls

Gold has no name. It can be both ultra-modern in expression, classic and vintage. The below models are kept in a modern or classic version. Some are shiny and bright, others covered with patina and aged which results in more subdued expression.

There are also many gold cabinet handles on the market in vintage style. This does not mean, however, that they only fit into stylized home interiors. They are also great for more contemporary, as well as English and related ones. They can help break the modern convention. Their undoubted advantage is the shade of aged finish.

It is also worth remembering that golden on cupboards can only be introduced in the accent. An excellent example is below.

gold kitchen handles in white kitchens

Fronts with gold hardware

The golden accesorries match white furniture as well as gray, black and navy blue. They will be worse with natural wood shade cabinet. They simply disappear, against such background. Unless we consider  very dark wood, then there is no such problem. Importantly, however, regardless of the color, the fronts should be mat. On glossy cabinet, golden kitchen handles look bad. Try not to use such solutions. It is also worth remembering to maintain consistency in the kitchen arrangement. Other metal elements of the decor should also be in golden color. It is even about lamp finishes.

dark kitchen cabinets with gold cupboard handles

gold drawer handles in white kitchen

gold drawer pulls on dark kitchen cabinets