How to renovate kitchen or bathroom furniture?


Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are particularly vulnerable to destruction. We use them many times during the day. In the kitchen we open them and close them, reaching for kitchenware, dishes and food. They are also exposed to damage during cooking. In the bathroom, cabinets are often exposed to water. Compared to kitchen and bathroom cabinets, no interior furniture is so exploited. Therefore, it does not surprise us when their minor damage occurs. However, this does not always have to mean replacing the furniture. Sometimes it takes just a little lifting to look like new. If we used to dress with them, the change of cabinet handles or knobs can give them a fresh look. If the need for change is greater, it is also tempting to paint and renew kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets

How to renew kitchen or bathroom furniture the easiest way that does not require a lot of work and does not cost too much?

Cabinet knobs and handles substitution! Properly selected, they can give the cabinets a style. We have handles made of various and quality warranted materials that fit both antique and modern arrangements.

The furniture that we want to give a rural style fits porcelain handles, ceramic knobs  and brass finished metal. If we want the cabinets to have an elegant glamour style, it is worth using glass knobs inspired by a cut crystal. We offer real Swarovski crystal pulls and knobs. For modern kitchen cabinets lovers, handles made of metal or finished with brushed effect paint will be suitable. This look represent handles and knobs made of zinc and aluminum alloy, chromed or nickel-plated.

If the cabinets are still in good condition, while their fronts are destroyed, you can try to replace them. The cabinet fronts are available for sale, adapted to their typical dimensions. On sale, we will find not only fronts, but also blends, end caps and skirting boards, which will allow for consistent renewal of cabinets.

Renovation and painting  kitchen or bathroom cabinets

How else can you renew your kitchen or bathroom furniture? If the front of the cabinet is smooth, a good way to refresh it will be to cover it with a new self-adhesive veneer. They are usually 45 cm wide, which allows you to easily wrap the fronts of typical kitchen and bathroom cabinets. There are veneers available for the most elaborate arrangements. In addition to single-color veneers there are many similar to the drawing of wood, e.g. oak, walnut, or black-stained pine. You can also buy veneers that reproduce the zebra skin, stained glass, and also with a letter imprint – these, however, are worth using only in the composition with single-colored fronts – excess patterns can be tiring in reception.

Another idea is painting kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Damaged cabinet fronts made of solid wood can be refreshed by painting them. A good choice will be transparent furniture paint that will emphasize the natural wood texture. After using it, we get a mat coating with waxed wood effect. Because the surface can be washed with water, the fronts will be easy to clean. Before painting, you must remove the old coating and sand the wood until the raw material is exposed. Apply the paint with a wide brush in accordance with the direction of the rings. After two hours of application, the cabinet is repainted, before the front must be sanded with fine-grained abrasive paper.

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