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Amazing kitchen metamorphoses

Kitchen revolutions are not only exciting culinary excursions and a sea of new flavors! It is also a synonym of unusual metamorphoses that can be subjected to kitchen spaces. Very often, however, the domestic budget is severely limited and there is no room for expensive investments. Fortunately, the contemporary interior design market offers solutions that … Read more

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How to upgrade Kitchen Cabinets?

“I would change something” … who of us did not say this sentence once, looking around the interior of your home or apartment? Furniture handles or furniture knobs are small elements but have great potential. So, if you have a relatively small budget, and you want to refresh the arrangement, start making changes just with … Read more

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Shell handles – overview

Recently, I was delighted with shell-shaped furniture handles. Although, in my own new kitchen I put on white, classic, porcelain handles based on brass, I think that the shells would suit me more … I came to this conclusion after visiting a friend who recently exchanged handles in her kitchen; -) Shell handles and the … Read more

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How to renovate kitchen or bathroom furniture?

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are particularly vulnerable to destruction. We use them many times during the day. In the kitchen we open them and close them, reaching for kitchenware, dishes and food. They are also exposed to damage during cooking. In the bathroom, cabinets are often exposed to water. Compared to kitchen and bathroom cabinets, … Read more