Kitchen trends in 2024


Boho style elements interspersed with minimalist style elements. A bold combination of intense pink and copper with natural wood, stone and floral accents. Less is more, but sometimes a bit of splendor will not flaw here – this is the kitchen trends for 2024 in a nutshell.

Even the coziest interior needs to be changed from time to time. It does not have to be a complete change at once, just one detail is enough to refresh a room and enliven it. A modern kitchen is basically one that follows trends, deriving the best from them, boldly incorporating new elements into the current style, often creating a completely new quality.

What are kitchen trends for 2024?

Looking at the current trends, it is not difficult to get the impression that fashionable kitchens in 2024 draw handfuls of eclecticism:

  • they do not avoid intense colors, but combine them with subdued shades;
  • characteristic for the loft style, cold metal is combined with the warmth of wood;
  • the fronts of the furniture in demand this season refer to the best practices of minimalism, while the lighting is to dazzle and delight;
  • boho, minimalism, industrialism and the love for plants characteristic of the English countryside go hand in hand, permeating each other and creating a new quality.


When looking for inspiration to refresh the kitchen, it is worth paying attention to metal – a material that, despite its weight and coldness, gives rooms lightness. It is welcome both in small items, such as a pendant lamp shade or a cutlery drainer, and as a material for furniture:

  • metal wall shelves, hung in pairs one above the other, maybe even a little asymmetrically – if you combine the metal frame with a strong solid wood countertop, you will create an ideal place in the kitchen for storing and displaying various items, for example mugs, coffee makers or flower pots;
  • metal, hanging kitchen organizers that allow you to free the worktop from accessories;
  • metal shelves on which you can display jars with homemade preserves, bottles of juice or wine.

A metal shelf may turn out to be the perfect solution for the upper furniture in the kitchen. Getting rid of cabinets with fronts in favor of an open form gives the interior lightness, which is welcome in the loft style. These types of forms fit perfectly with brick, concrete and wood.
The addition of metal elements in the line of furniture will work in any interior. We do not need a loft-style kitchen to afford this type of accessory. However, it is good if there are other elements in the interior that refer to this style. It can be a table with legs in the form of a metal frame or a lamp modeled on an industrial “spider”. If the kitchen is open, it is worth repeating this type of treatment also in the living area. Check our brilliant industrial style door and drawer handles!


wood and stone in trendy kitchen of 2021
Wood and stone in fashionable kitchen 2024

In addition to the already mentioned combination of wood and metal, it is worth paying attention to the combination of wood and stone. Both of these materials come from nature and, despite their contrasting features (the warmth of the wooden surface vs the coldness of the stone), they compose perfectly with each other. The stone will work in the role of:

  • a durable and effective kitchen countertop;
  • elegant flooring;
  • a fragment of the wall above the worktop or on the border of the kitchen zone and the living room.

When planning to refresh the kitchen space, it is worth remembering that the latest trends in the kitchen also include decorative elements such as:

3. MARBLE in kitchen trends for 2024

Marble – not only kitchen for worktops but also for various kitchen accessories, including mortars, table lamps or hanging lamps (necessarily with an energy-saving LED bulb, which is a deep tribute to ecological solutions);

To achieve unforgettable luxury and a new level of style, one should realize that strongly veined marble is a key factor here. The comeback of marble is moving quickly and gaining top on all style lists. Strongly veined marble has become a synonym of luxury in the world of design. Marble is usually used in kitchens and bathrooms. It is sustainable, durable, resistant and timeless, so it is certainly a good investment.
Naturally strong veined marble are extremely valuable and very effective in the background of other polished surfaces, metals and woods. In the bathroom, one can use marble to create a luxurious bath, while in the kitchen one can create an impressive sink or a kitchen island.


Copper – it covers kitchen taps, it also appears as a clear color accent on kitchen accessories, such as pans or pulls.


gold accessories in the kitchen

We have always associated gold with something sumptuous and precious and that is why this color is so popular. Every now and then we rediscover its charm by choosing golden accessories, both in fashion stylisations and in interiors. In the kitchen space, the presence of gold can be said to be continuous, but there are times when there is more or less of it.
Nothing adds elegance to an interior more than shiny surfaces, hence gold is often finished in such a way as to reflect light. Its shiny surface will optically enlarge the interior and introduce elegance in its best form.

Light in a golden frame

A golden accent in the form of lighting is another way to create an interesting arrangement with one of the most fashionable colors. The delicate frame will undoubtedly emphasize the warm beam of light. In a more extensive version, the chandelier will become a real decoration shimmering with a beautiful color of gold. One of the most-chosen motifs with the golden glow is a lamp of any color – most often black or white – with a golden inner part.

Gold furniture fronts

Fashion for gold is flooding more and more spaces. In avant-garde designs, this color may also appear as the dominant color of kitchen furniture.

gold kitchen fronts

The second solution is to use only golden accessories. Most often they are handles that are available in many versions and shades of gold.

Golden household appliances

Household appliances can also have a gold finish. This color fits perfectly with stylish equipment that is displayed in the most visible place. An example would be a cooker hood – mounted above a kitchen island or on a wall without top cover.

Gold fittings

Kitchen faucets are mandatory equipment in every kitchen. Often, however, their choice is dictated only by functional issues, and their appearance hides a lot of potential. They are always well displayed, have an interesting form and usually small dimensions, so they do not dominate the interior, but delicately introduce style.

6. Adding some NATURE

A trend that is growing every year is referring to nature in projects, decorating interiors with green plants. There are many ideas for such arrangements. They can be:

  • live flowers in pots – due to their endurance, they will be especially useful here: Sternberg’s herb, pteroflower, Guinea Sanseveria or pink hoja;
  • Flowerbeds suspended from the ceiling with plants hanging in cascades;
  • pots with herbs placed on the windowsill or worktop of the island – ceramic or steel casings will allow you to display them;
  • vertical gardens, also called “green walls”, for example with an installation of moss or climbing plants such as common ivy, climbing ficus or philodendron.


Kitchen producers stay fashion forward and trend aware, so they are following the latest trend for dark surfaces. Dark surfaces have become fashionable due to the shift to two-color kitchens. Worktops and tabletops can be balanced with furniture and cabinets and accessories in light shades in order to create the atmosphere of luxury and exceptional style in any sized room.
A lot of people think that colors like black or dark grey are accent colors and when used to surfaces like worktops or floors, can give a room very attractive look. When they are combined with textured wood, they make the whole kitchen charmful and rustic.


The pattern is the most essential trend when you are choosing tiles to your interior. Although, the classic shapes, oblong and metro tiles enjoy unflagging popularity, they differ from each other by the way they are put. The layout ot the tiles may take form of staggered brick bond or step ladder effects or may be simple linear .


It is expected that kitchens in minimalistic style are becoming more and more popular. According to the minimalistic idea claiming that less is more, you can create a comfortable and calming space in your kitchen, completed with pure and dynamic lines. If you would like to create modern look, remember that the practicality is a key factor as it is very important to choose high-quality materials and items emphasizing strong lines and functionality. To ensure that the smooth look of your kitchen is not distorted it is necessary to have integrated appliances and hidden storage. There are plenty of storage solutions ensuring clear worktops, so you can modernize your kitchen.


Nowadays, mixed kitchens are fashionable and the trend mixing two colors in kitchen cabinets will increase in the nearest season. Choosing sophisticated to your aesthetic can create unusual atmosphere in your kitchen space. Do not hesitate to choose cabinets in deep, dark shades, adding your kitchen character and depth, which you can contrast with with lighter shades elsewhere. This fashion goes beyond ordinary contrasting paint color on the wall, as it gives you the possibility to discover the diversity of design elements, including cabinetry and worktops. One can experiment with rich textures such as wood grains, mat finishes or smooth laminate because combining them together will immediately create very interesting effect.


Storage is essential as today we all are trying to organize all our stuff in order to feel good, relaxed and comfortable. The fact is that there are so many necessary things in our kitchens, such as ingredients or cooking equipment to prepare meals. If you dream about an aesthetic kitchen, a hidden storage, located in the right place is an ideal solution. The kitchen pantry may be a good option for those who desire exceptional design.


Recently, navy kitchens were on the top, but be aware that in the next season green shades of tiles and cabinets will undoubtedly dominate the world of kitchen design. There will be available a wide selection of cabinetry, tiles and other accessories in intensive shades of emerald or forest greenmint, and also in delicate shades of mint or sage.
Last year, vibrant and dark tones were particularly attractive, but in 2024 green elements will become the most desirable design of the perfect kitchen. Green shades can be both dramatic and sophisticated. You can balance deep forest greens with latte tones, smoky glass or soft metallic elements in order to create luxurious atmosphere in your kitchen. Heavier tones can be balanced by the addition of white marble and brass elements in lighting, worktops or other gadgets.


Although, green will be undoubtedly first and foremost in this season, navy is still extremely popular. One of the most appreciated shades of navy, midnight blue looks very distinctive and dramatic when it is combined with silver accents placed on the bright background.


Cabinetry will be still dominated by dark shades,but calming paint choices for walls and freestanding furniture are the latest trend. Do not hesitate to breath new life into your kitchen space by using soft and delicate colors. This year, it is essential to introduce calming elements to your interior, and tones of dusky pink, gentle grey or sage green will refresh the character of your kitchen.


We are not necessarily eager to see a lot of new devices and latest technology in out kitchen space. It is expected that the trend for discreet storage will increase. Homeowners analyze aesthetics of the appliances they are integrating into their interiors and that is why masking solutions are necessary as they can create a streamlined finish without any negative impact on the whole style.
The question is how can we take advantage of the latest appliances without their domination in the whole space? Simple cabinets will be a perfect solution if we want to hide such gadgets like refrigerator or dishwasher. Also a storage design reducing the small countertop appliances will be a good option. A hidden station, apart from keeping the kettle and toaster away from the worktop, will help to create a separated area intended for sitting and enjoying breakfast.


Nowadays, we can observe that the trend for warm shades of brass in kitchen inteiors is constantly increasing. Brass is a perfect shade to emphasize fashionable blues and greens, adding your interior spectacular character. Ironmongery can improve the kitchen’s style and provide an exceptional element. Kitchen design can be transformed by all these minor details like taps, hinges, knobs and handles, which are often disregarded. Remember that they can both change or break a design.


In 2024, the use of raw materials in a wide range of colors and textures will become very attractive. Metal finishes, when combined with concrete, ensure spectacular aesthetics and industrial design, so they still will be fashionable. The popularity of metal frames is growing. If you have open shelves, a distinctive frame can be a perfect choice. Metal finishes may be used effectively in the design of taps, spindle island or table legs’


It is obvious that islands and breakfast bars can be a place for informal dining as well as workplace or storage. Now we have a new trend :The kitchen island has an extended dining area, so we can take advantage island’s storage and integrated dining. If we have guests. We would like to cook and socialize, so there is no better option than the built-in island seating.


In this case, the strongest emphasis should be put on the floor, while everything else should remain relatively minimal. Handless cabinets in one of the shades of grey that are present in the tiles, will be a good option in a modern kitchen. Instead of wall cabinets, you should use open shelves. Top all base cabinets with a smooth, white worktop, made of durable composite. If you have an open plan kitchen, statement tiles may be really impressive. They make amazing effect when combined with wooden planks bringing warmth to the bright interior.


When it comes to extraordinary paint-color parings, the rulebook is completely useless. In kitchen, there is a possibility to choose even the most exceptional colors for walls, floors, window elements, cabinets and other appliances.
At the beginning, it is necessary to decide how much of permanent commitment you are able to make. Painting a wall is the simplest and cheapest way of realizing your plan. When you are fed up with a given shade, you can easily change the design. There is no evidence that we all see the endless variety of colors in the same way, and that is why choosing the appropriate shade of the design is a personal experience.
Try to look beyond the latest trends and decide for such shade that you will enjoy for a long time, as the color in a kitchen should last for at least 5 year


Although, open-plan kitchens are still enjoying unflagging popularity and they have changed ourway of life, they also have some disadvantages. Firstly, the problem is where to hide all the dirty pots and pans your guests? Would you like more privacy in your interior? In such case broken plan may be the best solution. While preserving the spatial character of an open plan design, the trend takes advantage of screens, freestanding furniture, cabinets and plants to create separated zones and nests for cooking, relax and entertainment.


Today, the most searched phrases are ‘pendant lights’ and ‘kitchen islands’. Lights are essential in all kitchen design projects. Besides of the practical function, lights are very effective decoration over worktops.

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