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The advantage of a rustic kitchen is that it never goes out of style. Most people feel in such cozy, almost idyllic interior, as if they were moved back in time and found themselves in their grandma’s house again.

rustic kitchen ideas and features

Old wooden or stone countertops, brick, copper, scratched iron and lace bring to mind a quiet village. With furniture with character you will sit down with delight to move away from the everyday or city noise for a while. Rustic kitchen is made of massive, old-style wooden furniture, giving the interior a unique, classic and homely elegance. Old grandma’s kitchen cupboards will find a second life here.

The heart of the old-style kitchen, contrary to appearances, is not the stove, but the table. Wooden, solid with massive straight or turned legs. A table with its own drawer for the necessary handy items and a table top for the life of the whole family. At the table, you not only eat, but also talk, work, or cut gingerbread or make hundreds of dumplings during the holidays. A rustic kitchen is the dream of every perfect housewife, because it combines not only functionality, simplicity and elegance of the interior, but also gives a unique, ancient atmosphere. The rural atmosphere is mainly a love of simplicity and nature. That is is why the accessories that we will equip to our idyllic kingdom are very important. Open shelves, brass hangers or railings, decorative jars with spices, effective faience or priceless silver and porcelain handles and dishes … anything that refers to the previous era and tells its own story at first glance is allowed.

When arranging a kitchen in a retro style, we do not have to give up the modernity that comes with the use of household appliances. It is worth investing in vintage pull handles, an elegant retro oven, or in a ceramic sink or faucet in a similar style. A compilation of copper, stone, wood, natural linen and lace, braided wicker and ubiquitous plant motifs will create a kitchen in which we will feel at home and in which we will find the desired peace and inspiration.

Interested in arranging country kitchen? Here are some tips and ideas:

You don’t have to live in the country or the mountains to arragne your kitchen in rustic style. You just need some basic elements, like neutral colors, natural materials(wood,stone) and weathered/worn feel. Choose and appply some of these ideas below and you can totally pull off a rustic kitchen.

  • Apply exposed wood beams, and wood cabinets. There’s a whole lot of wood going on, but when you really want to get rustic—you need wood!
wood country kitchen with stoned fireplace
  • Consider white and brightness everywhere.
white rustic kitchen
  • Plan open, welcoming space and the kitchen Island (can be wood-paneled) .
  • Choose pale oak floors and butcher block counters.
  • Install open shelves, instead of upper cabinets. Such solution will give this small cottage kitchen an airy feel. The shelves and countertops can be made of galvanized metal and the cabinetry can be made from old fencing.
  • Choose vintage inspired stove in cream or ivory color.
  • Add some blue or kobalt blue color ( the cabinets, the car pet or curtains, blue and white pottery).
retro kitchen with blue cabinets
  • In any old house made of bricks, its country style remains intact when you leave bricks exposed on the walls.
  • Install some vintage kitchen cupboard pulls. They should be In such finishes like old brass, scratched or rust iron.
  • Decorate walls and cooking area with stones.
  • Add wood ladder, which makes the upper cabinets much more useful and available.
  • Buy some black accesorries (mug hooks, rails, black kitchen door handles.)
  • Put a crock and antique dishes collection on display.
  • Decorate your retro interior with woven baskets, reclaimed items and salvaged materials.
  • Install over sized or vintage farmhouse sink.
  • Hang some vintage signs on the walls. Things like “Grocery” or “Meat Market.”
  • Use reclaimed wood -it will always add some extra country charm to your kitchen.
  • Use of eye-catching patterned tiles.
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